All you have to do is enter the recipes you are interested to learn and see what is available. Since the website is still expending, we apologies if you can’t find your happiness.

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Tools that help you search

We display photos of listings, Chefs profiles, and reviews to help you make informed decisions when considering a Chef’s place. We’ve also created search filters so you can narrow your results by type of lesson (bio, vegan, asian, etc), price, and location. For example, if you’re looking to learn a new recipe and make new friends, click on Find a Chef.

Contacting hosts to book a stay

Once you complete your profile to give ‘’Chefs’’ a good idea of the kind of ‘’commis’’ guest you are, you can request to book a lesson by selecting the recipe of your choice and press book to confirm your participation.


Once you found a cooking class, you can see the date, time place and how many people are going to participate. You can then book your spot.

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Buttons to book a cooking class

The Request to Book button sends a reservation request to the Chef on the selected date. The host has the option to either accept or decline the request. When a Chef responds to your request, we send you an email to let you know. If they don’t respond within 24 hours, your request simply expires.
The Instant Book button immediately confirms your reservation. We send you a receipt by email with the details, and your host may follow up with you, too.
The Contact Chef button lets you start a conversation about their cooking skills through our secure messaging system. You can use our messaging system to discuss the cooking class details, request special prices, or ask something specific (ex: allergy).

Payment and confirmation

Whether you use the Request to Book button or the Instant Book button, we’ll ask for your payment details so we can hold your reservation.
If you use the Request to Book button to send a request, the Chef has 24 hours to respond. We won’t charge your payment method until the Chef accepts your reservation. Once the Chef accepts, we process your payment and send you a congratulatory email

that includes your receipt, the cooking class details. If you don’t hear back within 24 hours, your request automatically expires. And you will have to make a new one.
If you use the Instant Book button, your reservation will be immediately confirmed and we’ll process your payment right away.

The Cooking Class

Once you know where you will have the cooking class all you need to do is to have fun! Learn More
Before you get there
You can send a message to your Chef to make sure the time hasn’t changed. You can also view your reservation details, or cancel your reservation from the My Cooking Classes section on your personal account page.

During your Cooking Class

Just enjoy the learning experience, have fun, and enjoy the company of your potential new friends. Enjoy your Chef’s knowledge and talent.

After the Class

Write a review about your Chef and their space so other ‘’taster” can learn through your experience. Your Chef will also have a chance to write a review for you, too. Then, pick the next recipe you’d love to learn and find a space on SOS Cook.