All you have to do is to post the service you offer, cooking class or caterer.
Tools that help you list your service
You can display a listing with photos, informations (eg allergens). If you are offering a cooking class you can choose the number of places available. You can choose a price, the date and time.

Cooking class/ catering service booked

 The Instant Book button immediately confirms your reservation. We send you a receipt by email with the details, and your host may follow up with you, too.
The Contact button lets you start a conversation with the customer where you can discuss more details regarding the services.

Payment informations

In case of booking the reservation will be immediately confirmed and we’ll process your payment right away.

Cooking Classes

The idea of the cooking classes is that the ”Chef”,  offers a cooking class followed by a diner of the meal. The chef can be an amateur or a professional. The Chef can use this opportunity to teach to people a new recipe, share tips and culture information.

Catering services

It is possible to offer catering services.